Staff Support

The academic project is critical to the bet36体育备用_bet356注册-官方*授权√ and will usually be a priority when support is required. All academic staff and support staff that require a computer to do their job are provided with a computer and access to the network as well as an email address. WiFi access is provided across campus and staff are welcome to bring their own devices to connect to the network using their username and passwords. eduroam is supported across campus and visiting staff from other Universities connect easily to the WiFi network via this service.

Click here to view Rhodes bet36体育备用_bet356注册-官方*授权√ eduroam coverage.

Upgrade PCs

The bet36体育备用_bet356注册-官方*授权√ has a limited budget and puts the academic project first. Student labs receive new computers on a cyclical basis.  A schedule exists to replace the computers in labs every 3 years.

Staff receive upgrade computers from the labs. These are refurbished with new keyboards and screens where necessary and stay in use for almost 9 years.

Supported Software

Licensing for software is managed centrally and in addition staff have access to the Microsoft Home Use facility while they are employed at the bet36体育备用_bet356注册-官方*授权√.  Click here to access our Software page.

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